Anna Jae


"It Hurt, But I'm Glad I Felt It" Album available now on all platforms! 


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 "Listening to this album is a complete joy! The lyrics are heartfelt, the vocals stunning, and the production a thing of beauty! I am looking forward to more from this amazing artist!" -Jesse 

"Just heard this amazing song last night! Made me want to cry is was so touching and deep! I’ve had these feelings in my life so I could relate!! This music has so much talent in the lyrics! Love every song on the album!"  -Janet

"Love this album! Talented young lady with a very unique voice!" -Sheryl

"I first met the singer in Redding on a family Thanksgiving trip last year. Her voice totally enthralled me! Her voice was a combination of Stevie Nicks and Grace Slick - I couldn't stop listening! Now that the album is out - it is my favorite "traveling and chillin'" music. The emotions on this album run the entire gamut of feelings!"-Russell  

"These songs will touch your heart. Music is very well done and vocals are smooth. Anna Jae has an incredible ability to write and sing. Give it a listen today!"  -David